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Dear friends,

Botanic is a series of natural products, created with a lot of love. We try to select the best components for each product. We explore the proofs for their efficiency – both in the millennial experience of folk medicine and in modern medical research. We make thorough analysis of the concentrations and dosages and combine extracts with synergic mechanism of activity, to make sure of the desired effect. We choose the best suppliers and manufacturers in the world with excellent reputation. We do not add artificial preservatives, colourants, flavourants, aromatizers, or ingredients of animal origin. This comes from our great desire to be as close as possible to plants. Besides being food, plants are also a cure for our health disturbances, because they contain a bunch of specific phyto-components with favourable effect on the human body.

Health includes physical, emotional and mental well-being. Therefore, each wrong step related even to one of the three aspects leads to imbalance and, if repeated on a regular basis, also to illness. The symptoms of illness are a signal we receive in order to correct our mistakes. Regretfully, we often treat only the symptoms (for instance by means of painkillers), and although we get back on our feet, the real problem remains unsolved and emerges again, sometimes getting even chronic.

We can give you the following advice: always use an in-depth approach to the illness, searching for the causes in your actions, oriented to yourself and to the people around you, from both physical and spiritual viewpoint. At the same time, you can make use of the support provided by natural products, because they help the resistance power of your body in a natural way. If they are well selected and taken in appropriate quantities, plant extracts do not have the negative effects most synthetic products have.

We love what we do and we create a product only if we believe that we have done the best we can. Our health does not depend on the single big feats but rather on the small reasonable actions on a daily basis. May you have the power to persist in them and thus protect your health!

Be healthy!



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